> Papers and Publications KEYHL M., SCHMIDMER Ch., WACHTER H.

A Combined Measurement Tool for the Objective, Perceptual Based Evaluation of Compressed Speech and Audio Signals

106th AES Convention, Munich, 1999, Preprint #4931

Based on the latest standards, a new generation audio quality measurement tool was developed that allows for the objective, perceptual based evaluation of compressed speech and audio signals within a single device. For the quality evaluation of compressed wide band audio signals the novel method according to the ITU-R Recommendation BS.1387 (PEAQ) was implemented. In addition, for the quality evaluation of compressed speech signals, the complimentary ITU-T standard P.861 (PSQM) was provided. The open framework concept is well suited to aid further extensions of objective quality metrics. This paper introduces the underlying concept of the combined measurement tool and discusses the range of practical applications as well as some example results.