> Papers and Publications RIX A. W. , BERGER J., Beerends J. G.

Perceptual Quality Assessment of Telecommuniations Systems Including Terminals

114th AES Convention, Amsterdam, 2003

Perceptual quality measurement models such as PESQ (ITU-T Recommendation P.862) are now in common use for evaluation of speech quality of communications networks and systems. However these models are mainly designed for use with electrical or digital – not acoustic – interfaces to the systems under test. This limits the models’ applicability to terminals, in particular where the effects of transducers, acoustics, and signal processing in the terminals may be combined with network properties such as low bit-rate coding and channel errors. This paper describes work under way in ITU-T SG 12 to develop a new model for evaluation of both networks and terminals using acoustic interfaces, and reports the latest results in the development of a new ITU-T Recommendation for this application.