Connect Magazine and P3 reach out with 2018 POLQA Voice Quality testing of mobile networks further than ever before...
Connect and P3 established network benchmark test in Germany almost 15 years ago, but since then have introduced tests in Austria, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Australia and soon Singapore...
Erlangen - 12. December 2017
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New Video Measurement Technology puts Broadband Providers and Streaming-Portals through their Paces: Zafaco and OPTICOM test the Quality of Internet Video Streaming Services throughout Germany
Speed of Internet Access alone is no Guarantee of Quality - A new Fixed Network Test by the Journal "connect" provides greater Transparency for Consumers
Erlangen/Ismaning - 12. July 2016
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Neues Video-Messverfahren schaut Breitbandanbietern und Streaming-Portalen in die Karten: zafaco und OPTICOM testen bundesweit die Qualität von Internet-Video-Streamingdiensten
Geschwindigkeit des Internetzugangs allein kein Qualitätsgarant - Neuer Festnetztest der Zeitschrift "connect" liefert Beitrag zu mehr Transparenz für Verbraucher
Erlangen/Ismaning - 12. Juli 2016
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POLQA approved for Voice Quality Characterization of EVS Codec
OPTICOM and SwissQual's initiative enables ITU-T SG12 to add new Implementer's Guide to Recommendation P.863
Erlangen, GERMANY / Solothurn, SWITZERLAND - 15. February 2016
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Benchmark and Optimize Streaming Video Quality with OPTICOM's PEVQ-S
New Measurement Standard for Video Streaming Quality enables accurate testing of Video-on-Demand Services like YouTube, Amazon and Netflix by modelling Subjective Subscriber Experience
Erlangen, GERMANY - 24. February 2015
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OPTICOM premieres OTT Streaming Video Quality Testing at NAB Show 2014
PEVQ-S enables accurate Picture Quality Benchmarking and Optimization of OTT Video Services, by modelling Subjective Subscriber Experience
Erlangen, GERMANY / Las Vegas, NV - 03. April 2014
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OPTICOM first to premiere Standards-based OTT Video Quality Testing at Mobile World Congress
PEVQ-S enables accurate Picture Quality Benchmarking and Optimization of OTT Video Services, by modelling Subjective Subscriber Experience
Erlangen, GERMANY - 18. February 2014
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Anite to integrate OPTICOM's PEVQ-S streaming video analysis in Nemo tools
Enables operators to more effectively analyse their services, optimise their networks, and ultimately improve the end-user experience
Oulu, Finland - 17. February 2014
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OPTICOM first to report Mobile Benchmark Ranking based on new 'POLQA' Test Method at Mobile World Congress
Press kit materials are available online at:
ERLANGEN, GERMANY - Feb 11, 2011 - MWC Barcelona Hall 1 B 39
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OPTICOM, SwissQual and TNO win ITU Competition and announce POLQA, the Next-Generation Mobile Voice Quality Testing Standard
Erlangen, Germany - Solothurn, Switzerland - Delft, The Netherlands, 16. July 2010
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OPTICOM's Video Quality Measure recommended as New ITU Standard for Multimedia and Mobile QoE Testing
PEVQ adopted in ITU-T Recommendation J. 247
New Version 3.0 announced for NAB Show 2009
Erlangen, GERMANY, 15. April 2009
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OPTICOM announces Next-Gen Software for Voice Quality Testing at Mobile World Congress
OPTICOM to tackle the 'Noise' on 'Noisy' PESQ-based Measurements
Erlangen / Barcelona, 11. Feb. 2008
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PEVQ - the leading Video Quality Analysis for Video Telephony, Mobile TV
Erlangen, 05.02.2008
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