Audio Quality testing for streaming MP3 New non-voice business models finally have taken the center stage:
Portable MP3 player with integrated mobile phone, or vice versa? Even business phones cannot do without MP3, AAC+/++ support today – there are growing business models behind music-on-demand services, still you have no KPI to monitor that?
PEAQ – Perceptual Evaluation of
Audio Quality for MOS scoring of
stereo sound accompanying video
streams according to ITU-R BS.1387
Again, OPTICOM provides the answer: PEAQ, the ITU standard for perceptual evaluation of audio quality, authored by OPTICOM in 1998 and developed during a four years cooperation with leading experts is the proper tool for sound quality testing of music streams. PEAQ can handle stereo signals with CDlike sampling frequencies up to 48kHz and report the proper MOS in the context of ITU-R listening test standards.

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