Whitepapers: OPTICOM Whitepaper
"POLQA - Perceptual Objective Listening Quality Analysis", Updated October 2011

Download "POLQA - Perceptual Objective Listening Quality Analysis"
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OPTICOM Whitepaper
-> Download "PEVQ™ Advanced Perceptual Evaluation of Video Quality"
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OPTICOM Whitepaper on
"State-of-the-Art Voice Quality Testing", 2000
-> Download "State-of-the-Art Voice Quality Testing"
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OPTICOM Application Note
"OPERA™ Application Notes (1)", 2001
-> Download "OPERA™ Application Notes (1)"
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OPTICOM Whitepaper
"3SQM™ Advanced non-intrusive Voice Quality Testing", 2004
-> Download "3SQM™ Advanced non-intrusive Voice Quality Testing"
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> Further Information For further information on OPTICOM Voice/Audio Quality measurement products refer to our [OPERA download] information.