Video Quality testing for Telephony, Multimedia and Broadband

Video-telephony is the entrance card to
3G, and there is video–conferencing, - messaging and -streaming. With 3.5G and HSDPA high quality movie and TV streaming becomes reality on mobile devices. And IPTV is the key to the new Broadband Home. Again, we are talking content based business models. And this time customer’s QoS expectations have been
adjusted higher-than-average by stable TV reception and DVD home cinema standards.
PEVQ – Perceptual Evaluation of
Video Quality for MOS scoring of
video-telephony, -streaming and -
messaging as proposed within
VQEG, including 3G and IPTV
OPTICOM’s family of testing algorithms provides PEVQ, the perceptual evaluation of video quality. First premiered at the 3GSM 2005 congress in Cannes, OPTICOM just released a major technology update to PEVQ™, the industry counterpart for video testing complementing PESQ and PEAQ. PEVQ builds on earlier developments of KPN Research, the developers behind PSQM and PESQ, and has been further advanced by OPTICOM for low bitrate 3G formats (CIF and QCIF) together with leading industry and university partners. PEVQ is OPTICOM’s proposed candidate for standardization of a FR (full reference) video model within VQEG (the Video Quality Experts Group), which is in the process of starting verification tests for future standardization. While MOS undoubtedly is again the key KPI figure for perceived picture quality, a number of traditional (unweighted) KPIs like e.g. Blur, Blockiness, Jerkiness, Delay and PSNR are provided by the new PEVQ version V2.1 due to popular customer requests and for backward compatibility reasons. Future versions will also include optional J.144 support. And not to forget – of course we have an audio-visual KPI pair at our hands, based on combined PEAQ+PEVQ, which makes a great fit to detect one of the most prominent and nasty artefacts of video transmissions: Lip-sync problems.
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> www.PEVQ.org OPTICOM's new web portal comprises an up-to-date listing on commercially available video quality testing tools which can analyze the picture quality by providing a MOS score, just as subscribers would perceive the quality of a service.

A Market Overview on PEVQ embedding products reflects the application space for test tools in the life cycle of NGN's, while extending from pre-deployment feature testing for the lab, over load testing and test tools for installation and network optimization to IPTV test and monitoring equipment.

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